Your Burlington Mitsubishi Team

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  • Burlington Mitsubishi, Staff Directory
    (802) 922-9773

    The sales, parts and service staff at Burlington Mitsubishi are here to take care of you and your needs before, during and after the sale. Have a question? Need some advice, information or help with your vehicle?  We're just a phone call away 802.865.4400.

  • Tim Bedard, General Manager
    (802) 922-9773 ext 201

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  • Julie Miller, Office Manager
    (802) 922-9773 ext 200

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  • Adam Crowley, Senior sales and leasing Professional & EV Specialist
    (802) 922-9773 ext 207

    Adam's Hours

    • Monday: 8:30am-5pm
    • Tuesday: Off
    • Wednesday: 8:30am-7pm
    • Thursday: 8:30am-7pm
    • Friday: 8:30am-7pm
    • Saturday: 8:30am-6pm
    • Sunday: Closed

    Adam's Bio:
    Adam Crowley has a beautiful, smart son and wife, and has lived in Vermont for nearly 30 years. A professional tennis player, Adam has done a slew of exciting things including skydiving and going on the pitcher's mound at Fenway Park for a Red Sox vs. Yankees game! Adam absolutely loves both Mitsubishi cars and working for Burlington Mitsubishi, which he's been doing since 2009.

    "First and foremost I love how every day is different. You see different people every day and get to meet a lot of interesting people; people of all trades. Plus, purchasing a vehicle is usually the second biggest investment of someone's life; knowing that people trust me to help them make that decision and solve their vehicle needs makes it worth every hour I work here."

    "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The entire family and staff here are pleasant, open-minded people who care about out thing -- meeting our customer's expectations and worrying about their needs. We cater to all of our customers and that's what a dealership is supposed to do."

    Come see the fun-loving, dedicated Adam Crowley at Burlington Mitsubishi today!

  • Tyler Hornidge, Sales Consultant
    (802) 865-4400

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  • John Ruggles, Service & Parts Manager
    (802) 922-9773 ext 214

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  • Matt Mahoney, Service Advisor
    (802) 922-9773 ext 213

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  • David Cardinal, Parts

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  • Gary Cherrier, Service Tech
    (802) 922-9773

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  • Dave Miller, Service Tech
    (802) 922-9773

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